OPEN DOORS: All you need to know about the careers in Clinical Research

           ask me about clinical trials

 Two Wednesdays that can change your life

June 22nd  & June 29th, 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

6767 ch. de la Cote-des-neiges, Room 601

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Summary of the job opportunities presented

at the Pharma careers days in the last 3 years:

Requirements, salaries, obstacles, how to get-in.

Get informed, learn about these unpopular jobs

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   Getting in the pharma industry without

   having industry experience is possible –

   our students  & alumni do it regularly

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Summer CRA/CRC Certification course

with internship and placement support

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   Get ready for the hiring peak in the fall

   with a diploma, “hands-on” experience

   and a network of professional contacts

   who can inform you about ‘hidden’ jobs

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   Don’t miss the summer: on-line course

   with 7/7 LIVE support till late evening

   to help you use the vacation and show

   some “hands-on” experience in the fall

.                on-line classroom


Special offer of short duration (2 weeks only)

9 monthly payments (to pay smaller amounts)

The Job insertion program opens doors for you

.             accessibility, we open doors


Why now? After July 1st , TPS/TVQ may need

to be added, so come to get informed now and

if you get interested, register before that date.

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The starting salaries in the pharma industry

are high and the shortage of staff is over 30%

Promotions come usually every year or faster

.  average salaries


   Spread the info to fiends who may profit

   to hear about these well paid ‘hidden’ jobs

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