To help highly educated professionals, who lost their jobs during the lock-down and face a career reorientation, the International Clinical Research Academy CRA School of Montreal, Canada” decided to substantially reduce the #tuition fees (up to 45-50%) and offer its services at cost price without generating profits in this difficult period.

The combined Clinical Research #Postgraduate Online Onboarding program #CRP_3_0 covers practically all roles in the clinical trials industry, which don’t require recognized diplomas nor #license to practice. These Medical Affairs, Quality Assurance, Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance jobs are a great alternative for foreign-trained #physicians, #dentists, #veterinarians, #pharmacists, and BSc/MSc/PhD

Besides the extremely detailed and oriented to the practice Clinical Research Regulatory Affairs #Certification training (over 1000 pages) on the US, Canadian, and international Good Clinical Practices (#GCP) regulations, it includes 3 remote #internships in Clinical Data Management and #monitoring (to make students eligible for #interviews), and unique “Placement Assistance Till Hired” service, which continues even during the evaluation period.

We decided to provide all these #services without additional charges during the pandemic lock-down.