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New Triple CCRP certificate


Working with Electronic Data Capture & Clinical Trial Management Systems (EDC/CTMS) for remote access to electronic databases has become a major hiring criterion today. To increase the eligibility of its students, CRA School expanded its CCRP Bridge Program for Certified Clinical Research Professionals with an additional Clinical Data Management training course and internship with eClinical type EDC/CTMS software

This training and “hands-on” experience is not offered elsewhere and is included now in the Triple CCRP certificate, together with our unique, unlimited in time, On-boarding
Job Placement Assistance Program, which continues till hire.


Entry level jobs

The program
is tailored to satisfy the students’ needs. Therefore it covers also all clinical trial entry level jobs and provides unlimited interview preparation for every specific job vacancy (till needed) and 7/7 LIVE support directly from Level II instructors.


training formateurBilingual Summer In-class Course


A bilingual (in French and English) Summer In-class Course will start in July if sufficient number of students register. Invite friends who can profit from this opportunity to join the program by clicking here.


The objective of this course is to use the vacation period and help students, who prefer studying first in French, to be prepared in the fall to access  the job market in Quebec.


Extended payment plan

For the summer period
CRA School Montreal extends to 9 months the deferred payment option for its new Triple CCRP Bridge Certification Program (CRA/CRC/CDM) to allow preparing in time for the next hiring peak in the fall without affecting too much the students’ vacation budget.


The duration of the training course and internship is 6 months, the co-op placement opportunity as part-time pro-bono Clinical Trial assistant in our CRO is unlimited in time. Certain conditions apply


Loans and bursaries

A low interest 4 years loan and a 20% scholarship grant is offered to Montreal residents with low revenue to facilitate their career reorientation and make possible the access to these rewarding professions.

Great opportunity to start an amazing and passionate career in clinical research. Ask details at info@cra-school.com


Consultations and inscriptions

Free consultations are provided every Wednesday, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at 6767 Cote-des neiges, room 601-1, on the 6th floor. Individual consultations in another day and time will be available on request in our new office at Metro Du Parc, 405 Ogilvy street, Montréal H3N 1M3, office 101.

Book by phone to (514) 961-9351 or by Skype to our account CRA-School Montreal.

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